Monday, June 9, 2014

Rabbit Beer

Funny thing about parties. Beer tends to... multiply.

A couple a weeks ago, I ended up having an impromptu party at my house. Like I said, impromptu, so I hadn't done any cleaning, or preparing. All I had was half a case of Corona in my fridge. The next morning I woke up and checked the fridge. Apparently the Corona was busy, while some were missing, a entire litter of little Coronitas had populated the fridge. If you haven't had a Coronita, you're probably more familiar with the Corona bottle salt shakers at Mexican restaurants. Those were once Coronita bottles of beer. Cheers! Free beer.

The Coronas also had some genetic mutations, because a case of Bud Light had also been birthed.

Bud Light... I don't know about that beer. I'm drinking one now.

And in light of my recent references to beer as offspring, the fact that I'm consuming one is a little disturbing.

Bud Light is kind of "middle of the road" for me as far are cheap and sh*tty beers go. It's not quite Miller Corona on a hot day. It's not awful, but it also doesn't have any cool gimmicks like Miller, or cool commercials like Keystone.
Lite. Yet it's certainly not Coors Light. It's a decent substitution for Miller at a tailgate. Which is in the category it falls in. Bud light is not good. It is another one of those tailgate, frat party beers that is not meant for enjoying the intricacies of zymurgy. This beer is for shotgunning and getting drunk. It's somewhat refreshing, but doesn't hold a candle to

But you know what makes this particular beer I'm drinking right now better than most of the stuff in my fridge?

I didn't buy it.

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