Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome Local Drinkers

If you're getting directed to this site from, thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed the article I threw together for the website. It was fun to do, and it's pretty cool to get the recognition. Welcome to my little site dedicated to the fine art of craft beer and beer brewing.

It all started with a DIY beer kit. Not like the Mr. Beers, but a honest to god beer kit with buckets, hydrometer, brush, capper, etc. I remember looking at the pile of stuff and thinking "this is awesome... and I have NO idea what I'm doing." And it's a slippery slope from there. Just check out posts with the labels R2-DBREW to find out.

If you're not here from, check it out! There's a article there by yours truly. More importantly, thank you for your continued reading! I know posting has been sparse, but the Jeep is coming along great, and I'm getting that itch to get brewing again. It's going to be an entire weekend deal for sure. I've got a lot of cleaning to do, old beer to dump, lines to clean, and a fair amount of dust to brush off of ol' R2.

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